The Importance of AED Training at Your Workplace

In the event that you work a standard 40 hour a week, you likely spend a greater amount of your waking hours at your work environment than you do at home. Your activity gives you an approach to accommodate your family, and you grow cozy associations with your colleagues and clients after some time. At American Safety Training Institute, we are focused on enabling customers and diminishing preventable fatalities offering best of AED training. That is one reason why we accept automated exterior defibrillators, or AEDs, ought to be available in however many work environments as would be prudent.

Having Online AED Training you can Make the Difference

A family member, coworker, or associate has collapsed on the floor. You have seconds to respond. Will you know how to save her life?

Each year over 382,000 Americans, suffer a sudden cardiac arrest, among them athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and others in apparent good health. Statistics show that for every 20 heart-related emergency events only one will survive. With proper AED Training Online offered by us, you can make a difference for those near you.

AED training OnlineWe are here to help. The American Safety Training Institute offers nationally accepted certification courses in AED techniques, first aid, emergency oxygen administration, and blood borne pathogens, provided in three effective ways: online, on-site, and blended. Our updated, comprehensive emergency response and AED Training follow the most up-to- date guidelines for AED and first aid training certification.

You might be the main individual near SCA casualty ready to react rapidly. Our AED Training will make you able to offer the first electric shock which may be life saving for the victim. We will teach you how to exactly use an AED so that you become a lifesaver.

Why be with us

The AED Training that we offer is recognized and accepted throughout North America. You can have the Online AED Training from us using your mobile or PC and have a same day certification. You do not also need to bear any risk as we offer 100% money back guarantee. Moreover, we do not charge any hidden fees for offering AED Training Online.

9 Reasons Why Every Workplace Should Have An AED In Place

Nearly 10,000 cardiac arrests happen at workplaces every year in the United States. According to studies while several workplaces have catastrophe preparedness & active shooter plans in place, not many have cardiac emergency plans.

According to the American Heart Association, any cardiac emergency plan must have an AED (automated external defibrillator) in place. Listed below are 9 reasons why:

1 – The availability of onsite AEDs not just save valuable treatment time, it also improves the odds of survival since they can be employed before EMS (emergency medical service personnel) arrives.

2- An electric shock is perhaps the only way to restore a heart rhythm in ventricular fibrillation.

3 – The Automated External Defibrillator is lightweight, compact, battery operated, portable, safe and effortless to use.

4 – With a modern AED, you won’t be allowed to shock a sufferer that has a heartbeat, which reduces the danger of doing more injury & reasons for bystanders not to come forward and assist.

5 – AEDs have a proven track record when it comes to helping people saving lives in public places and in the place of work as well.

Online AED training

6 – Having AEDs in the place of work alongside offering an appropriate administration system & training for personnel on how to make use of the devices can be the difference between life & death.

7 – The number of sudden cardiac arrest causalities that happens every year, over 95% of the sufferers passes away prior to they make to the hospital.

8 – When proper attention is given inside 5-7 minutes, including timely treatment with an automated external defibrillator, survival odds can improve considerably.

9 – As per the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), using an AED on a victim of sudden cardiac arrest augments his survival chance by 60%.

Truly, by having basic AED Training you can save a precious life which is a great achievement in itself. Here at ASTI, we offer Online AED Training to employees and anyone else who wants to take pride while saving someone’s life. To enroll, feel free to get in touch with us at (800)225-1893.

Top 5 AED Myths Among General Public

The majority of the public knows what an AED (automated external defibrillators) is – but never have had their hands on one or been educated on how to make use of one. And, due to this quite a lot of myths about AED use have popped up. Listed below are a few myths that we generally hear from the general public.

Home AEDs doesn’t save lives:

Nearly 80 percent of the causalities take place in the home, so it’s wise to have an AED in your house. If used quickly and correctly, AED can save a life. You can take a simple AED Training Course Online and save precious lives of your loved ones or others.

I need to be a health professional to use AED:

Certainly wrong! No doubt if you’re a healthcare professional & use emergency equipment daily you’d possibly be comfortable making use of an AED – applying the pads & shocking some a sufferer. But the AED is so straightforward to use that anybody in the general public can make use of it with a little bit training that is readily available online these days.

Online AED trainingThe chest should be dry for the AED pads to work properly:

Not true! Obviously, the chest must be as dry as feasible for the safe supply of a shock. If doable, dry off the chest quickly, but don’t hold back defibrillation if the AED recommends a shock is needed.

It’s too late to supply a shock following 2 minutes of CPR:

No, it’s not too late! A rescuer should supply and continue to supply top-quality CPR. When the automated external defibrillator arrives & pads are applied to the victim, the AED will find out if the sufferer is still in a shockable rhythm, and it’ll ask you to push the shock button. There’s still an opportunity for survival.

AED pads aren’t interchangeable for diverse age groups:

False! AED pads are developed for the particular age groups – one size for adults, and another for kids, and still another for babies. But, obviously, the most common age group for AED use is the older adult. Adult pads can be employed on the child 1 to eight years old if the proper size isn’t available. Child/infant combo pads are available as well. Don’t employ smaller pads on adults, as it won’t offer adequate electrical power. In this circumstance, persist in performing chest compression.

You can simply make a difference by taking Online AED Training offered by American Safety Training Institute. You will get two full years of certification after completing our industry leading and innovating AED Training program. You can save some precious life with a little knowledge! So be ready for it!

What Are the Potential Advantages of Joining Online AED Training Programs?

Cardiac arrests can happen to anyone at anywhere and at anytime. Most of the time, they occur inside the home and outside the home as well. If passersby don’t have lifesaving skill like AED training to respond fast in such a medical emergency, then death might happen eventually. If any passersby acts fast and gives CPR treatment, the patient’s life survival scope may get better. Joining CPR and AED training programs will allow you to respond faster in the case of an unanticipated cardiac arrest. And saving the life of the person gets easier with this training who may be a colleague, stranger or even a family member.

CPR & AED training involves two separate life safety training programs required to react in life threatening conditions. CPR includes chest compressions and rescue breathing to help a victim survive until medical aid reaches. The AED training ensures knowledge and skill of using automated external defibrillator: This medical device can help restore the normal heartbeat of a patient by sending an electric shock through his or her body. If ever any patient’s heartbeat stops, seconds without AED can turn out to be dangerous for his or her life. However, CPR or AED training skill can be put on use within 3-5 minutes of the patient’s collapse time to bring him or her back to life. Emergency professionals won’t be able to come to the patient’s rescue within such little time, which makes it mandatory for you to join AED training and get trained properly to start saving lives.

CPR & First Aid Training Course

To keep yourself ready for any cardiac emergency, you should have CPR and AED training. It is the CPR Certification which makes you ready to help every cardiac patient in a disaster situation. Online AED training is also offered, and these programs are OSHA and ECC compliant and designed in line with international standards to let you face life-threatening situations with speed and confidence. With the techniques and procedures of these online courses, you can surely help infant, child, adult and elderly cardiac patients with promptness. Their contents will be available online 24/7 and can be taken at flexible schedules to fit your needs. From watching the AED training materials and pausing to skipping them at your own convenience, you can be sure of having a great learning experience with everything you desire for. You may proceed through the training course in a few hours, or you may complete it in as much time as you want. There is no specific deadline for AED training course completion, providing you much flexibility for completing the assignments.

Using a device like AED may feel scary and even complicated. Though very effective in saving life of cardiac patients but you won’t find them hard to operate. Online AED training will help you learn all the skills required for operating an AED in the form of digital contents. After going though these interactive contents, you will be in a position to respond better and faster to any medical emergency related to cardiac sufferers.

group safety training

Potential Advantages of AED Training Online

Learning life saving skill at your own convenience

Interactive digital content fitting those with non-medical background

Affordable price structure

24/7 AED training assistance

Basic courseware designed to international standards and guidelines

If you are interested in life safety training but struggling with a hectic work schedule, cash crunch or heavy community responsibilities, joining AED training and getting certified can be very simple and easy for you. You can consider on-site or online AED training of the American Safety Training Institute which is approved all across North. This course can be started and completed with online registration and a price as less as $19.95.

Contact at (800)225-1893 to sign up AED training of ASTI with your association, work group or family and save money in discounts.

Automatic External Defibrillator – Top 3 Things To Know About

Online CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) training are necessary, especially for those who want to help someone suffering from sudden cardiac arrest. However, each and every minute of sudden cardiac arrest deducts a 10% in survival rate, according to a survey. However, taking online AED training and using the device to perform CPR on a person suffering sudden cardiac arrest may save the life of the individual.

But a question arises, what does it take to use an AED to conduct CPR? Here are a few important things you should know about CPR and AED training:

1. AED training Motivates Individuals To Respond During An Emergency Situation:

Sudden cardiac arrest causes an abrupt loss of the heart function of an individual. In case, if it’s left untreated, it can quickly lead to death of that particular individual. Fortunately, taking online AED training can empower individuals to fight against sudden cardiac arrest immediately. This training includes the use of a device providing an electric shock through the victim’s chest to his or her heart; which can surely stop the irregular function and heart and allow a normal rhythm to start.

Apart from this, AEDs are lightweight and portable devices; which are used by both medical professionals and trained individuals for immediate emergency purposes. They can provide CPR promptly and as a result of which they can save lives also.

Online CPR AED Training

2. Well-trained Individuals Can Use The AED Properly:

AEDs are safe devices; which can be used by flight attendants, security guards, firefighters, police and others. Furthermore, AEDs are available to be used by all qualified individuals and bystanders; that means professionals and everyday individuals taking online AED training can easily and efficient use this device at the time of emergency.

3. AED Training Is Readily Available Online:

AEDs are generally placed in public areas where exactly a wide array of people gather day after day. In addition to, the location of AED is clearly marked; which can provide quick and easy access to trained individuals.

Even though, the AED signs are easy to find; how can you use them? Online AED training classes are readily available, ensuring you can get to learn several life saving techniques and strategies without delays in the comfort of your home.

Online AED Training


ASTI provides professional, affordable and convenient AED certification programs online so that you can learn the basics of AED device at your convenience. Hence, it’s highly recommended that you should take online AED training on ASTI and get certified today.

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Is It Effective to consider CPR and AED Certification Course Online?

It is important for people from every walk of life to consider CPR/ AED (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation and Automatic External Defibrillator) training course. This training will not only help people to understand the CPR processes but also enables them as a life saver during emergency situations like cardiac arrest. It is believed that an immediate CPR act or procedure can save a person suffering from cardiac arrest (until the patient gets admitted to the healthcare center).

Demand of Online CPR/AED Course:

These days enrolling in online for CPR and AED course is popular among the students and working professionals in America. Both medical and non medical people can easily enroll into online CPR course by filling up the application form and making the enrollment charges online. Whether you are doctor, nurse, student, non medical people or working professional, it is valuable to have a good knowledge and clear understanding about the CPR and AED procedure. This can prove to be vital as a first aid treatment during a cardiac arrest emergency situation.

How Online CPR/AED Course is Effective?

The availability of CPR and AED course online has broken the boundary limits of being only taught as a hands-on training course. This has made to easy for people who cannot take time out of their busy schedule and make their presence in the classroom to learn CPR and AED in a practical way. You do not have to choose between studies, work and training with online CPR and AED training courses. Enrolling into an online CPR/AED course will offer convenience and comfort to learn most valuable life saving skill. After a successful registration and payment, you will get the access to wide range of videos and text materials for understanding the basic techniques easily.

What to gain by enrolling into CPR/AED Course online course?

Please have a look at the following points that will help you in realizing the benefits of knowing CPR/AED skills:

  • The training will give you a unique and useful ability to save lives in an emergency case like heart attack or sudden cardiac arrest. Reportedly in America it is found that cardiac arrests are the leading causes of death in adults. In this case, you can make yourself ready to tackle a sudden cardiac arrest situation (when at home, workplace or street) by delivering proper first aid at right time.
  • With online classes you will not just gain theoretical knowledge but understand the practical way of delivering CPR and handling AED.
  • CPR/ AED training will make you feel empowered and help in gaining a certain level of confidence.

CPR AED and First AED Training

To help people to gain a most valuable life saving technique, American Safety Training Institute offers CPR AED certification course online. Our courses in CPR, AED, first aid, emergency oxygen administration, and blood borne pathogens are nationally accepted. Each course at ASTI is designed by healthcare professionals that will give you the right skills and knowledge to respond promptly in a life-threatening situation with confidence and speed.

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How Effective Online CPR Certification Courses Are?

How effective online CPR courses are? It’s a question asked by many people, particularly now that online education is turning out to be more widespread with modern technology and internet being accessible so effortlessly anywhere you want. Today, several colleges & universities have millions of students registered in degree courses that they can accomplish right from the comfort of their living room, and a large proportion of learners in higher education are presently associated with classes that are 100 percent online. Several other training associations are following the track as well by providing an extensive range of courses online, varying anywhere from foreign language courses to driving courses or even safety courses like, online CPR training and certification. Online learning is turning out to be a fad that offers no signs of slowing down in the near future.

With this in mind, it’s simple to notice how online safety programs, like online CPR certification or first-aid certification are turning out to be so admired. Not just they permit more and more individuals to become CPR certified due to their convenience, but they’re also more economical for the most individuals. Taking into account all this, though, many still inquire: “how productive can online CPR certification program truly be?” This is a genuine question with a comparatively straightforward answer. Studies have revealed that common, online educational courses are actually verified to be more productive for learning & preservation than typical classroom courses. This is because of several diverse aspects like, individual learning speed, stress-free atmosphere, customized concentration times, learning method, and so on. The fact is, as uncomplicated text-based education is already more productive in comparison to a typical classroom environment, dynamic and intelligent online learning programs have been appeared to considerably boost learning efficiency over stationary classroom education.


CPR First Aid Certification

So how does this have an effect on CPR & first-aid training? Online first-aid and CPR certification programs that are dynamic, can be followed at any speed, and are the most affordable and can be revised at any given time makes studying CPR online the best learning atmosphere.

Online CPR Certification Courses Training To Save Lives

Here at American Safety Training Institute we’ve taken each aspect of this information into account; the majority of the course supplies on our site hold all of the above-mentioned elements, making them very productive programs for those who want to become CPR certified or to complete a renewal course. Our CPR and first-aid courses are ECC and OSHA-compliant and fulfill the International Guidelines for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation standards.

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4 Facts about Automated External defibrillator (AED)

AED or Automated external defibrillator is a portable device that is used to check the heart rhythm and restore a normal rhythm. Most probably AEDs are used to treat sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) condition, in which heart suddenly or unexpectedly stops breathing.

It is found that there are some concerns and uncertainties regarding AED usage. This inspired us to discuss some important and useful facts about AED that will offer a clear idea. Please read on!

#Fact 1- AED is Effective

Concern: Using AED could unintentionally shock a victim


Using anything that involves sending electrical current through the body can naturally leave people worried or concerned. However, the fact is that using AED is safe and effective way to handle a sudden cardiac arrest. Generally an AED analyzes the victim’s heart to determine if a shock is necessary to restart the heart or not. Using AED or restart the heart is essential for survival in case of a sudden cardiac arrest.

Emmergency Treatment for Patient

#Fact 2- Trained Persons can use an AED

Concern: AED can only be used by Trained Medical Professional


Individuals (whether medical professional or common people) who have received a formal training are right persons for using AED. Life saving programs such as AED and CPR training programs (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) that are certified will prove effective to conveniently use the AED at the time of need and make a difference.

Training Program to Save Someone’s Life

#Fact 3- AEDs can be used in case of Children

Concern: It can be Harmful to use AED on Children


AEDs can be modified, which will make it safe for use on small children, such as for children under the age of 8 or less then 55lbs, it is recommended to use specialized pads that will lower the amount of charge released by the AED. Whether you are attending an adult or child, having a proper formal training will enhance the survival prospects with right kind of first aid.

#Fact 4- AED is automated not Automatic

Concern: What is the Difference between Automatic and Automated?


You will find there is a small difference of principle between automatic and automated operation. AEDs can be operated by trained individuals to deliver a quick and effective first aid in case of sudden cardiac arrest or medical emergency.

Online CPR Training by AmericanSTI

Using an AED at first may seem to be complicated, which can be prevented by getting a formal AED training from American Safety Training Institute. We excel in providing nationally accepted certification courses in CPR, AED techniques, first aid and BLS (Basic Life Support) programs. Our main objective to implement CPR and AED courses is to enable every individual to be formally trained to make the difference at the time of need and make a difference by saving a valuable life.

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