Advantages of Having Online CPR Training

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is a lifesaving strategy utilized to prolong the lives of patients whose hearts all of a sudden quit pulsating due to either heart attack or heart failure. For this situation, they are as of now clinically dead and are just minutes and hours from biological demise.

Nevertheless, about Online CPR Training from us, a confirmation can spare an existence since it carries various advantages alongside it. For example, training fills in as an official report that checks and ensures the individual’s information, capacities, and abilities in CPR.

In the event that you have chosen to undergo training and end up certified in CPR, applying for CPR Training Online from us is a standout amongst other alternatives to make.

CPR Training
The Reasons To Have Online CPR Training From Us

Affordability: This is perhaps the first reason for having Online CPR Training from us. Our Online CPR Courses are reasonable. What makes them more reasonable is that more often than not, rebates and promotions are being made before you settle for a CPR Training Online. There are group discounts and the like which makes the training affordable.

Convenience: Our Online CPR Training is setup so you can learn at your own pace. All participants have 30 days’ access to our training portal to review the material and complete the online exam. If you must take a break, you may log out and return to the course later.

Online CPR course

Success: The exam after having Online CPR Training can be taken as many times as needed to pass at no additional cost. We want our students to focus on learning the material and not to worry about the exam. All test questions are multiple choice or true/false and are pulled directly from the course material. Participants have access to the online training materials for a period of 30 days following registration.

Save time: The time to complete the Online CPR Training, in 1 to 3 hours. Our training courses are setup so you can proceed at a pace that is comfortable for you. If you need to take a break, you may log out and return to the course later.

So, when you desire to have such Online Training on CPR do be at the official site of American Safety Training Institute.

The CPR Certification Online That You Can Expect From Us

Being prepared to step in and save another person’s life in the happening of an emergency can be an empowering feeling. With CPR Certification Online courses that you can have from us at American Safety Training Institute, will make you prepared for such occasion.

The Reasons You Should Choose Our Course

Such courses are offered by many training institutes but we stand apart from those due to various reasons.

The authenticity of the courses

Our courses are ECC and OSHA-compliant and meet the International Guidelines for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation standards. Our training courses are so scheduled that it gives you the skills and knowledge you need to respond to a life-threatening situation with confidence and speed. So, you can be prepared for an emergency situation today with one of our Online CPR Certification.

Courses as per your needs

When you want to be prepared to help victims of any age, learn different techniques and procedures to save a child, adult or infant then you can look no further than our courses. Even if you have a challenging personal schedule our CPR Certification Online courses can be taken 24/7 and our on-site courses can be scheduled to meet your needs. Our courses are educational, easily navigated, follow the most recent guidelines and procedures, and deliver over 100 years of combined, extensive knowledge and expertise from our fully certified instructors. Our institute is comprised of safety training instructors, first responders and medical professionals.

CPR Certification OnlineThe worth of money you can have

Having our Online CPR Certification you will be the person who can step in to save a life in cases of emergencies. You will be having a valid CPR certificate so people will rely on you to have such help when required. The cost of the online courses is lesser as compared to the other modes of certification as you pay only for the certification. It is for sure that under our able guidance you will be having the best of training and certification for the money that you have paid.

Moreover, as we value your money, we give you the opportunity to pass the certification test multiple times. The cognitive exam can be taken as many times as needed to pass at no additional cost. We want our students to focus on learning the material and not to worry about the exam.

Discounts for groups that we offer

Our group registration process is simple. Send us your list of participants and we will register each participant for you and email you back activated usernames and initial passwords. For billing purposes, we will send you one invoice for the group so all participants can have access to materials at one time. Groups of 5 or more participants qualify for a group rate discount.

So, call us and get yourself registered at our courses.

Online CPR Training – How Do You Perform CPR on Adults?

Knowing the date and time of when you need to apply your CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) skills is impossible. Finding someone unconscious in front of your eyes or a loved one chocking and unconscious, can lead you to be able to perform CPR perfectly.

CPR emergent situations may arise when your mind is taken somewhere, leading to shock; but requiring necessary education to take an educated, accurate, and immediate action. Therefore, you should take online CPR certification course online.

While applying CPR on adult, you need to act quickly in a calm and professional way without any hassle. Here are a few useful ways to help them learn basic CPR and first-aid skills:

1. Wake up the Victim –

When you find a person in a sudden cardiac emergency, you should make an attempt to wake up the victim. If the victim isn’t breathing, or just grasping for breath, contact 911 for immediate action and response.

2. Start Chest Compressions –

Keep your hand on the top of your first interlocking fingers and then push down about two inches at a rate of 100/minute. Let the chest recoil completely just before the next compression.

Start compressing the chest at least 100 pushes per a minute. Remember, you need to perform 30 compressions at this rate.

3. Begin Rescue Breathing –

Use the head-tilt, chin-lift method to open the airway of the victim. Now pinch the victim’s nose and make a seal over his/her mouth with yours. You can use a CPR mask, if available.

Give the victim a breathing enough to make the chest retain. Let the chest fall and repeat the process of rescue breathing once again.

4. Repeat Chest Compressions and Rescue Breathing –

Do 30 more chest compressions likewise you did previously and prefer two breath just like the process you have done it earlier.

5. Make the Use of AED –

If you have access to AED or Automated External Defibrillator, continue doing CPR until you connect it to the victim and turn it on. If you find the victim collapsed, turn on the AED right away. If you’re not able to do it, you should connect it after approximately one minute of CPR.

Sign up for Online CPR Course Now!!

A family member, colleague, or associate has suddenly collapsed on the floor. You’ve got seconds to respond. Want to save lives of your near and dear ones or just anyone? It’s time to enroll in Online CPR Certification Course and get CPR certified today.

ASTI (American Safety Training Institute) is the leading online CPR, first aid certification, and recertification provider in the United States of America. All of our online CPR courses are recognized and accepted throughout North America. Each course is designed by a professional team of healthcare experts and instructors. Upon Sign up for Online CPR Course at ASTI, you can get easy, effortless PC or mobile access to all courses so that you can enjoy learning basic safety training at your convenience.

What you should know About a CPR Certification Course and Its Importance?

The first question that will pop out in your mind is that- who needs a CPR certification and what it the importance. Thank for your information! Getting a CPR certification can help you in making a difference as an individual in your home, workplace and public place.

1. CPR is known as Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

2. This an emergency procedure and life-saving skill that helps in restoring the spontaneous blood circulation and breathing in a victim

3. If you find no pulse, heartbeat, and response of the victim, then start CPR immediately

4. When you see a victim collapsing, then make sure to call 911 (emergency no. in the USA) first and then proceed with CPR

Who needs a CPR certification?

There are certain people who need to be certified with a CPR certification, such as doctors, nurses, licensed physical therapists, chiropractors, dentists and many other health professionals. Apart from that, any individual and job holder like child care workers, teachers, camp counselors, lifeguards, other health workers and parents can also gain a CPR certification course. It is always advisable to have CPR certification, which will help you to become a responsible individual who will be always prepared to handle an emergency situation.

Online CPR Certification

What is the importance of CPR?

1. At Home:

If your loved one at home is a victim, then in this emergency situation, you can deliver the best assistance without wasting any time. According to the AHA or American Heart Association, around 88 percent of cardiac arrests occur at home. It is also true that cardiac arrests can happen to anyone at any age. In this case, the chance of survival will be high if the CPR is given immediately.

2. At Public Place:

Being a CPR certified individual, you can prove to be a responsible bystander who can perform CPR on a victim at the right time. Every minute counts when a victim needs CPR. When the oxygen supply is suddenly cut off from the brain due to a stroke, then a right CPR technique will increase the chances of survival for the victim. A formal CPR training allows an individual to deliver the right help and assistance in an emergency situation that can save a life.

3. At Work Place:

The best thing about a CPR certification is that it proves to be an added advantage in your resume and enhances your career prospects. It is true that every employer will be happy to have a responsible employee.

BLS certification Online

Other than heart attacks a CPR certification proves to be useful for many other emergency situations like someone who is choking, suffocating, drowning or experiencing a drug overdose. If you want to make a difference, then consider enrolling in a CPR certification course from ASTI or American Safety Training Institute. We offer on-site, blended and online CPR certification courses and many other safety training courses that are recognized and accepted throughout the North America.

To know more about the CPR certification, please browse through this URL: today!

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Professions That Need CPR Certification as Compulsory

The capability to do CPR is an acquisition that adds unmeasurable value to all areas of one’s life, both personal & professional. It not just enhance your confidence to supply instant care during an emergency, it also enhance the self-confidence of those around you. When you get and maintain CPR certification, it also improves your goodness as a worker in certain industries & for certain jobs. In fact, there are certain jobs that need CPR certification either as an obligation or as a condition that should be met after one has been recruited.

Medical Careers:

The medical industry is one of the main industries where you’ll get jobs that need CPR certification. Doctors, medical assistants, paramedics and nurses are all in positions that need them to act anytime an emergency arises. While physicians & nurses offer full-on care, they also need to execute CPR if the situation arise. The responsibility of health-care assistant is often restricted to particular tasks provided by the doctor, but they may require to perform CPR during emergencies.

 Best medical careers for the future

Law Enforcement:

Police officers often get in touch with the public in different volatile situations. Throughout these situations, anybody from suspects to pedestrians may abruptly have difficulty in breathing, or experience a heart attack, for instance. Law-enforcement officers should be certified & capable of administering the essential first-aid care.

 Law Enforcement

Child Care Providers:

Children in day-care centers can end up in emergency situations that happens from falling into pools, chocking on objects, getting in touch with things that can cut or burn them. Child-care suppliers should be ready to perform CPR or first-aid as required, and for this some states need child-care workers to have CPR AED certification.

 Child Care Providers


A lifeguard also need to have CPR certification. One main responsibility of a lifeguard is help drowning people at pools & beaches. If someone starts to drown, a lifeguard’s responsibility is to pull them back from the water administer CPR if required.



While considering a job like firefighter, you’ll wish to opt for CPR classes to get your certification. Firefighters are usually first responders in several emergency circumstances, varying from car accidents to fire hazards. They should be CPR certified to react to health-care emergencies that takes place as a consequence of the trauma related with these circumstances. Often, firefighters and their capability to perform CPR can be the difference between life & death.

Under Funded Firefighters

Are you looking to acquire CPR certification right from the comfort of your home? Contact American Safety Training Institute now. For any inquiry, email us at!

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How Online CPR First Aid Traing Is As Valuable As In-Person

If you are thinking about a career in physical therapy, medicine, childcare or an identical field, officially learning CPR and acquiring your official certification is a very smart idea. With more than 360, 000 cardiac arrest taking place in the US alone every year, it is important that health-care experts should be able to do this lifesaving process professionally. CPR training gives you the capability to probably save a life-it doesn’t matter whether you’re on or off duty.

Nevertheless, today people have their share of choices accessible when it comes to acquire CPR first aid certification. While there’re so many physical classes, one cal also acquire his or her formal certification online. For your knowledge online CPR training is just as helpful as physical classes.

Let’s find out what are some of the major advantages of getting CPR first aid certification online:

CPR first aid certification Cards

It is pretty convenient:

If you are like a majority of the people, the word”busy” describes your schedule, then online CPR training is for you. You may handle family responsibilities alongside one or two jobs. You may hardly get any time from your busy profession. Whatever busy schedule you are maintaining, online CPR can fit into your timing since the courses are considerably short-lasting between 30-90 minutes. Plus, you don’t need to go for training at any particular time. All you need to do is enroll with a course, finish it at your spare time, and qualify a simple exam. You will get the training whenever you’ve the time to undergo it.

It is more than affordable:

Basic CPR courses are reasonably priced to fit into even you’re tight in budget. In addition, you don’t need to worry regarding disbursing for extra bus or gas fare to transport to a brick & mortar institute and back home.

Several testing attempts are also free when you are giving a CPR exam online. If you are taking more than one courses or want to register multiple individuals, you’ll most likely be entitled for a group rate.

Training Program to Save Someones Life

It is varied:

Prior to you start discovering your alternatives, it is tantalizing to think that a CPR program is a CPR program. There’re, certainly basic CPR courses accessible online. Nonetheless, several training suppliers also provide first-aid certification, special-classes for educating how to do CPR on infants or kids, and also adults.

That said, one can also consider enrolling for a program that’ll allow him or her to become accredited in basic first-aid or acquiring training associated to blood-borne pathogens, infection control beside learning CPR. Take into account anything that will make you more valued to a present or potential employer.

To acquire CPR first aid certification online Contact American Safety Training Institute that deliver more than hundred years of combined experience in the health & safety training industry.

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Four Reasons Learning CPR Is More Than Essential

CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) is such a crucial discipline in the health care sector that everybody must be familiarized with. Not just professionals in the health-care industry, but even a common man must know how to execute the techniques of CPR on a sufferer of cardiac arrest. Accidents can take place anywhere without any prior notice. In this post we will discuss about why you should learn CPR even though you don’t belongs to the medical profession.

A majority of cardiac arrests take place in the home:

A survey shows that about 88 percent of cardiac arrest will take place in a person’s house. Whether you reside in a remote rural region or in a busy city, sometimes it takes much longer than anticipated for emergency staff to reach their. From a statistical point of view, the life one save while giving someone CPR is most likely to be their loved one.

Learning CPR is much easier:

Opposite to what a great number of people think, an individual doesn’t need to perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to implement CPR techniques. Hands-only CPR can be done, and this practice is considerably simple to learn. Since 2008, the AHA (American Heart Association) has been referring hands-only CPR. These days so many Online CPR certification classes available over the internet that you can join to learn CPR techniques without hindering your regular work.

Children sometimes require CPR:

You must have seen adult people needing CPR because of cardiac arrest. But you possibly don’t know that infants needs it more often due to respiratory issues that can guide to heart attack. Suffocation, chocking and other respiratory issues can attack more easily to infants.

Many situations demand CPR except cardiac arrest:

Cardiac arrest is not the only time when you require CPR. Allergic reactions, prescription drug overdoses, strokes and choking are the other cases where knowing CPR can come to rescue and save an individual’s life.

Ensure your CPR training covers the whole thing you require. It doesn’t matter where you get your CPR training, don’t be frightened to employ the knowledge you have acquired when the situation demands. Be the reason to bring the smile back in someone’s life.

Training Program to Save Someone’s Life

Get online CPR certification by enrolling yourself at American Safety Training Institute (ASTI). Our courses are ECA and OSHA compliant and fulfill the international guidelines for CPR. For further assistance feel free to reach us at (800) 225-1893. Or follow us on: Facebook, Twitter.






What Are The Pros Of Taking Online CPR Training?

CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) training can be a lifesaver; which can help you save a life. Hence, learning CPR can motivate a person to perform CPR with confidence and necessary attention. Understanding CPR can provide immediate assistance in a life-threatening scenario that may involve the person you love and care the most.

Taking CPR course can make sure that if your friend or a family member suffers from sudden cardiac arrest, you’ll be readily available to enhance the survival chances of them for sure.

If you want to learn how to perform CPR, keep in mind that there are so many training courses available best suiting your preferences. And with online CPR course, you can be able to discover what it takes to perform CPR at your convenience.

So, what are some of the pros of online CPR training? Let’s get started to understand its benefits:

1. Flexibility:

Online CPR course can offer you a great sense of flexibility. It’s due to the fact that it can allow you to sign up and complete online training sessions at your convenience. Remember one thing that, you will need to complete skills training; which can take quite shorter time span than actual class time. You can schedule it around a time that’s more convenient for you. No matter what, the skills portion of online CPR course can give you an opportunity to get hands-on experience so that you can clearly understand how to perform CPR properly.

2. Affordability:

When taking online CPR training, you have to sign up and get the up-to-date details of skill training portion including the enrollment cost. Therefore, you can pay a price for an all-inclusive combined training experience that can help you save a sudden cardiac arrest victim’s life.

3. Save Someone’s Life:

Over 359,000 emergency cardiac arrests occur outside a hospital, as per the recent survey by American Heart Association (AHA). Additionally, AHA says that every minute that passes without CPR and defibrillation can minimize the chances of a cardiac arrest victim’s survival rate between 7% and 10%. Performing CPR can retain the functionality of brain during cardiac arrest. In fact, it can enable oxygen supply to a cardiac arrest victim so that blood can circulate at an ordinary rate and thus, the essential organs can stay alive.

4. Share Knowledge With Others:

Choosing online CPR training can offer you a chance to catch a fish for someone else. That means, it can help you teach an individual how to fish. After you become CPR certified, you can share you knowledge with peers, ensuring that they can conduct the procedure successfully at any time. Hence, to teach CPR, you need to be a certified CPR instructor.

Conclusion: – Becoming CPR certified can deliver long lasting value and ASTI offers a wide array of award-winning classes for online CPR certification. To know more about the common processes involved in CPR, enroll into online CPR training of ASTI (American Safety Training Institute) today. For more details about our online CPR certification course and training, please feel free to call us today at (800)225-1893 or visit us online!

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Is It Effective to consider CPR and AED Certification Course Online?

It is important for people from every walk of life to consider CPR/ AED (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation and Automatic External Defibrillator) training course. This training will not only help people to understand the CPR processes but also enables them as a life saver during emergency situations like cardiac arrest. It is believed that an immediate CPR act or procedure can save a person suffering from cardiac arrest (until the patient gets admitted to the healthcare center).

Demand of Online CPR/AED Course:

These days enrolling in online for CPR and AED course is popular among the students and working professionals in America. Both medical and non medical people can easily enroll into online CPR course by filling up the application form and making the enrollment charges online. Whether you are doctor, nurse, student, non medical people or working professional, it is valuable to have a good knowledge and clear understanding about the CPR and AED procedure. This can prove to be vital as a first aid treatment during a cardiac arrest emergency situation.

How Online CPR/AED Course is Effective?

The availability of CPR and AED course online has broken the boundary limits of being only taught as a hands-on training course. This has made to easy for people who cannot take time out of their busy schedule and make their presence in the classroom to learn CPR and AED in a practical way. You do not have to choose between studies, work and training with online CPR and AED training courses. Enrolling into an online CPR/AED course will offer convenience and comfort to learn most valuable life saving skill. After a successful registration and payment, you will get the access to wide range of videos and text materials for understanding the basic techniques easily.

What to gain by enrolling into CPR/AED Course online course?

Please have a look at the following points that will help you in realizing the benefits of knowing CPR/AED skills:

  • The training will give you a unique and useful ability to save lives in an emergency case like heart attack or sudden cardiac arrest. Reportedly in America it is found that cardiac arrests are the leading causes of death in adults. In this case, you can make yourself ready to tackle a sudden cardiac arrest situation (when at home, workplace or street) by delivering proper first aid at right time.
  • With online classes you will not just gain theoretical knowledge but understand the practical way of delivering CPR and handling AED.
  • CPR/ AED training will make you feel empowered and help in gaining a certain level of confidence.

CPR AED and First AED Training

To help people to gain a most valuable life saving technique, American Safety Training Institute offers CPR AED certification course online. Our courses in CPR, AED, first aid, emergency oxygen administration, and blood borne pathogens are nationally accepted. Each course at ASTI is designed by healthcare professionals that will give you the right skills and knowledge to respond promptly in a life-threatening situation with confidence and speed.

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How Effective Online CPR Certification Courses Are?

How effective online CPR courses are? It’s a question asked by many people, particularly now that online education is turning out to be more widespread with modern technology and internet being accessible so effortlessly anywhere you want. Today, several colleges & universities have millions of students registered in degree courses that they can accomplish right from the comfort of their living room, and a large proportion of learners in higher education are presently associated with classes that are 100 percent online. Several other training associations are following the track as well by providing an extensive range of courses online, varying anywhere from foreign language courses to driving courses or even safety courses like, online CPR training and certification. Online learning is turning out to be a fad that offers no signs of slowing down in the near future.

With this in mind, it’s simple to notice how online safety programs, like online CPR certification or first-aid certification are turning out to be so admired. Not just they permit more and more individuals to become CPR certified due to their convenience, but they’re also more economical for the most individuals. Taking into account all this, though, many still inquire: “how productive can online CPR certification program truly be?” This is a genuine question with a comparatively straightforward answer. Studies have revealed that common, online educational courses are actually verified to be more productive for learning & preservation than typical classroom courses. This is because of several diverse aspects like, individual learning speed, stress-free atmosphere, customized concentration times, learning method, and so on. The fact is, as uncomplicated text-based education is already more productive in comparison to a typical classroom environment, dynamic and intelligent online learning programs have been appeared to considerably boost learning efficiency over stationary classroom education.


CPR First Aid Certification

So how does this have an effect on CPR & first-aid training? Online first-aid and CPR certification programs that are dynamic, can be followed at any speed, and are the most affordable and can be revised at any given time makes studying CPR online the best learning atmosphere.

Online CPR Certification Courses Training To Save Lives

Here at American Safety Training Institute we’ve taken each aspect of this information into account; the majority of the course supplies on our site hold all of the above-mentioned elements, making them very productive programs for those who want to become CPR certified or to complete a renewal course. Our CPR and first-aid courses are ECC and OSHA-compliant and fulfill the International Guidelines for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation standards.

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