Benefits To Get From First Aid Certification

Accidents are unpredictable. No one can say that, they won’t face any type of accidents when they are on busy roads or at the industries where they have to work with heavy machines. In order to minimize the loss due to accident, first aid is important. If someone will get first aid in proper time, he may not face grave issues before reaching the hospital.

All most all are quite aware about first aid but learning some techniques are important. Probably, there will be question strike to everyone’s mind that, why first aid trainings are important? Here are several advantages you’ll bag when you are going through the First Aid Certification program.

  • First aid certificates those are offered by training programs, they adhere to the international standards. This is the main reason for which, you’ll be sure that, the training you have got, is efficient and it has already covered the important topics. You can get different type of courses from different organizations but institutions those don’t offer certificates, make sure that, they are not accredited to any essential guidelines. We offer such certification program that will thoroughly make you trained throughout your career.
  • Online First Aid Certification is a nice addition to your career. When you add this extra skill in your resume, surely it will attract the attention from the recruiter. A number of job positions are require some sort of first aid knowledge and employers will be glad to see that you have already undergone the necessary training. Different professions those always require certain type of workers to have first aid training include lifeguards, firefighters, law enforcement personnel, rescue professionals. When you are applying for a job that don’t need such first aid skill, but it will still attract attention from the executive. It will increase the chances to get hired.
  • Apart from increasing the candidate for different positions, you can even find a job solely by displaying you have the first aid certificate. There are numerous institutions you can find those employ first aid trained professionals and they do properly accept a candidate who already has a certificate, rather than having to train them.
  • Depending on the type of first aid training you have undergone, your certificate can land you in the health care system. Provided that you have attended advanced first aid training that involves more complex issues like cardio pulmonary resuscitation and the use of different type of medical devices, you can try out for a position as a paramedic.
  • Having a certificate will give you the confidence that you know what you are doing. Acquiring this type of certificate usually requires passing an exam where you can prove your knowledge and a successful completion of this said exam can reassure that you have the proper skills.
  • Sometimes the first aid certificates will give you the ability to show instruction in essential matter. It is probably not the great option to make money but it is probably the best way to giving something back to the society.

There are several other benefits you can bag from the Online First Aid Training programs and it will shape up your career.

We at American Safety Training Institute provide First Aid Training that will make your career in right way. If you are already employed, time to sign up for online first aid training. This course is available at pocket friendly budget and there are a number of benefits you can bag from it. Our online classes are formed in order to add new skill in your career. Make a call and we’ll assist you to achieve new dimension in your life.

Basic First Aid Skills To Consider During Emergencies

Understanding basic first aid and survival skills deliver long lasting results as they can offer you opportunities to provide instant support in life threatening situations. Again, these necessary kills can motivate individuals to take necessary actions and ultimately may help a common person to become a life-saver in an emergency situation.

So a question arises that, which basic first aid and survival skills are necessary to learn? Here’s a closer look at the basic first aid and survival skills you should know:

Cleaning and Dressing Wounds: – Cuts, scrapes and gashes seem to be unavoidable at times. Luckily, you can learn how to clean and dress wounds to stop bleeding and eliminate the risk of infection. Although, a first aid kit has bandages, gauze and other necessary items to help you put pressure on a wound to stop bleeding, this kit may lack instructions that explain how to use these materials in a proper way. However, online basic first aid certification training can make sure that you will know exactly how to clean and dress a wound instantly, minimizing the possibilities of infection.

CPR, BLS, AED and First Aid Certification

Whether you want to add disinfectant or warm water to an injured area or to perform any other treatment, basic first aid certification training can empower you with actionable details you can use to help family members or a friend, suffering from a cut, gash or a scrape. Therefore, understanding how to clean and care wounds can deliver immediate and long term results.

Hands-only CPR: – According to The American Heart Association (AHA) survey, around 70% of Americans may feel helpless to act during a cardiac emergency. It’s due to the fact that they might not have the knowledge on how to administer CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resusciation) or their training might have lapsed significantly. In fact, AHA points out that 88 percent of cardiac arrest occur at home that means a sudden cardiac arrest victim is most likely to be your friend or a family member.

Train to Save Someone’s Life

However, hands-only CPR is considered as a basic life-saving skill, motivating you to provide necessary support instantly in a cardiac emergency. Understanding how to perform hands-only CPR can ensure that you can help a sudden cardiac arrest victim at any point of time and improve the survival chances.

If you’re failed to act in a cardiac emergency, then it can lead to unnecessary deaths. Furtherfore, AHA reports that effective CPR provided by a bystander immediately after sudden cardiac arrest can double or triple up the survival chances of a victim and those who possess the ability to perform CPR can minimize the risk of unnecessary deaths as well.

Conclusion: – Basic first aid certification training is readily available online at American Safety Training Institute, which offers a huge assortment of online training at reasonable costs. Additionally, ASTI’s first aid certification classes are designed to provide pertinent, timely online training to empower individuals to offer immediate assistance in a life threatening situation. Discover the benefits of ASTI’s basic first aid training classes.

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4 Facts about Automated External defibrillator (AED)

AED or Automated external defibrillator is a portable device that is used to check the heart rhythm and restore a normal rhythm. Most probably AEDs are used to treat sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) condition, in which heart suddenly or unexpectedly stops breathing.

It is found that there are some concerns and uncertainties regarding AED usage. This inspired us to discuss some important and useful facts about AED that will offer a clear idea. Please read on!

#Fact 1- AED is Effective

Concern: Using AED could unintentionally shock a victim


Using anything that involves sending electrical current through the body can naturally leave people worried or concerned. However, the fact is that using AED is safe and effective way to handle a sudden cardiac arrest. Generally an AED analyzes the victim’s heart to determine if a shock is necessary to restart the heart or not. Using AED or restart the heart is essential for survival in case of a sudden cardiac arrest.

Emmergency Treatment for Patient

#Fact 2- Trained Persons can use an AED

Concern: AED can only be used by Trained Medical Professional


Individuals (whether medical professional or common people) who have received a formal training are right persons for using AED. Life saving programs such as AED and CPR training programs (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) that are certified will prove effective to conveniently use the AED at the time of need and make a difference.

Training Program to Save Someone’s Life

#Fact 3- AEDs can be used in case of Children

Concern: It can be Harmful to use AED on Children


AEDs can be modified, which will make it safe for use on small children, such as for children under the age of 8 or less then 55lbs, it is recommended to use specialized pads that will lower the amount of charge released by the AED. Whether you are attending an adult or child, having a proper formal training will enhance the survival prospects with right kind of first aid.

#Fact 4- AED is automated not Automatic

Concern: What is the Difference between Automatic and Automated?


You will find there is a small difference of principle between automatic and automated operation. AEDs can be operated by trained individuals to deliver a quick and effective first aid in case of sudden cardiac arrest or medical emergency.

Online CPR Training by AmericanSTI

Using an AED at first may seem to be complicated, which can be prevented by getting a formal AED training from American Safety Training Institute. We excel in providing nationally accepted certification courses in CPR, AED techniques, first aid and BLS (Basic Life Support) programs. Our main objective to implement CPR and AED courses is to enable every individual to be formally trained to make the difference at the time of need and make a difference by saving a valuable life.

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