Online CPR Certification is Not a Scam

We have seen certain writings that may lead one to believe that Online CPR is a scam. Such writings have given rise to certain misconceptions regarding such training procedures. So we needed to clarify all such misconceptions that individuals have about Online CPR Certification, especially the preparation we offer here at American Safety Training Institute.

Some CPR educators out there will reveal to you that all online CPR preparing is a trick, unadulterated and straightforward. “Online CPR organizations are only accreditation plants,” they will say. What’s more, since these individuals are educators, you may be enticed to trust them. “Individuals can’t learn on the web,” they will let you know. As indicated by these teachers, online instruction is ineffectual and you should all quit for the day.

OK, they may not all go very that far, yet those teachers will let you know, “CPR is hands-on expertise. You can’t take in a hands-on ability from a computer.” This sounds like a sensible contention, you may think. For example, you may not figure out how to turn into a star ballplayer just by watching the game on TV. It might have taken long stretches of training to get where the player is today!

Online CPRCPR and Basketball

Presently, basketball probably will not be the best correlation with CPR. The vast majority would presumably contend that the “rules” of CPR are somewhat less muddled than the guidelines of b-ball. Nevertheless, consider it. How could you get familiar with every one of the principles to the sport of ball? It is likely from observing first. We adapt most things throughout our life, by watching another person do it or disclose it to us in this manner. I am not saying you will end up being a specialist b-ball player just from watching, or even that you will probably perform flawless chest compressions and salvage breaths just from viewing. In any case, what you will pick up is the learning of the means engaged with safeguarding somebody and how to perform legitimate CPR. This is the initial step to learning CPR and it does not make a difference whether you learn it on the web or in a homeroom with 10-15 other individuals. Presently, the facts may confirm that you can improve your abilities with training; however, the main part of the learning does not occur on a puppet. What’s more, many would contend that CPR is not excessively intricate expertise to perform appropriately in any case.

OSHA Requires Hands-On

“That is all fine,” these teachers may battle. “Be that as it may, OSHA orders hands-on training for CPR. Online courses can’t give that.” At that point, to ensure they truly claim to your feelings, the educator will include, “Consider it. Okay needs somebody to do mouth to mouth on you in the event that they learned it on the web?”

This is the place things get increasingly specialized. We should begin with the part about OSHA. There are sure occupations directed by OSHA. Standard CPR accreditation is compulsory to keep up OSHA consistence for these enterprises. You likely definitely know whether your activity requires CPR confirmation as ordered by OSHA. On the off chance that you do not have a clue, at that point, ask your supervisor. On the off chance that OSHA commands you, at that point, you are not permitted to perform mouth to mouth just on the web and call it great. You need some type of hands-on training with a puppet. Does this mean you have to take your CPR preparing in a study hall? No, though a few educators would have you accept something else. We offer a prevalent mixed course while you have CPR Certification Online from us, which means you take the full preparing on the web, at that point, you plan a short aptitude assessment with our teacher who will check your abilities. It is still more affordable than most classes, spares you time over a full class, and is an incredible method to learn at your own pace. It meets OSHA prerequisites. Try not to give any educator a chance to disclose to you otherwise.

first-aid-certificationCPR for Everyone Else

Shouldn’t something be said about each one of those individuals who are not represented by OSHA? Individuals take CPR preparing for an assortment of reasons, however probably the most widely recognized reasons include: (A) their state board requires it for licensure; (B) their office boss requires it; or (C) they need to learn CPR since it is a decent ability to know. In the event that you are required to be CPR confirmed to recharge your permit, at that point chances are you have to accept a mixed course as depicted previously. Nevertheless, necessities for individuals in gatherings B and C are not as highly contrasting. In the event that you need CPR because your boss orders it, at that point, it is totally up to your manager whether you can take CPR on the web, mixed, or homeroom as it were. These prerequisites fluctuate generally and you have to converse with your boss to know. Individuals in gathering C can learn CPR in the way they adapt best.

Thus, that covers the specialized consistence parts of CPR Certification. It is straightforward and is the thing that we have dependably told our understudies: mixed CPR for individuals who need CPR for OSHA and licensure, generally ask your boss. In the event that nobody expects you to do it, at that point it is up to you how to learn.

Other Instructor Arguments

As you will rapidly learn on the off chance that you converse with specific educators, they genuinely accept that CPR cannot and ought not to be learnt online by anybody and that along these lines of learning is risky. The way that we offer an online choice is the driving force for all the incendiary remarks from teachers. It is difficult to pinpoint the careful explanation behind this perspective. However, it might originate from the dread that internet preparing is a risk to their business. A few teachers are hesitant to see the study hall CPR course they have idealized diminish to a brisk ability assessment session with somebody who definitely realizes what to do.

The line of reasoning that “CPR is a mind-boggling aptitude and you’re probably going to treat it terribly” is in reality significantly more perilous than the danger of somebody performing mouth to mouth mistakenly. In the event that you converse with a rescue vehicle dispatcher, they will not gripe about individuals murdering somebody by performing mouth to mouth wrong. They will gripe that CPR was begun past the point of no return since individuals were too hesitant to even consider trying. This issue is just intensified by wrong educators who restrict and undermine web based preparing. Keep in mind, on the off chance that you are performing mouth to mouth on somebody that implies the individual is as of now dead. You cannot aggravate it. What’s more, at last, you are extremely simply purchasing time until the rescue vehicle confers with the defibrillator. Following the suggested groupings may give the most obvious opportunity concerning restoration; however, it does not legitimize these educators’ win big or bust and dread based perspective on CPR preparing.

CPR CertificationThings being what they are, is web-based certification truly as terrible as certain teachers guarantee? To be completely forthright, some internet preparing is very terrible. In any case, we accept our own is extraordinarily great and have a large number of understudies and organizations who will back us up on that guarantee. We separate ourselves from other online projects in a couple of ways that we accept are significant. To begin with, our mixed card is separated from our online-just card by a subsequent mark line with the ability evaluator’s name on it. This makes it exceptionally clear for a director to know whether a worker took on the web or mixed course. This mixed course has been evaluated and endorsed by many associations around the nation. Our web-based preparing is a full video instructional class with an authorized paramedic as the teacher. What’s more, the certification test is randomized and versatile to eliminate cheating and ensure the understudy has held all the essential data.

Mixed training is an extraordinary method to learn and might be the best choice for certain individuals. In any case, we immovably accept that by giving an online affirmation alternative, we can prepare more individuals to respond in a crisis and spare lives than would some way or another are conceivable. What’s more, this preparation is about that thing.

So, clear your mind from such misconceptions, enroll in the online course, and get yourself ready to be one who can stand beside humanity at the time of crisis. We are always by your side to help you to be such a person.

Online CPR AED Certification Gives the Knowledge, Skills, and Ability to Save the Life

Cardiovascular disease is the prime and fatal cause of death that happens to around 480,000 adult Americans every year.   The fatality and suffers of emergencies like heart attack, cardiac arrest, and stroke, choking, or related complications may be saved if people at the scene acquire the life-saving skills and techniques.

Our CPR AED Certification Online is the comprehensive training process that includes adult, child, and infant techniques. Additionally, our Online CPR AED Certification Course includes specialized training on applying or exploiting the AED equipment. The entire CPR AED Courses we provide are designed by Board Certified Physicians which adhere to the latest Standards and Guidelines. Be a CPR AED certified whenever, and wherever, you want! We are proud to have over a 98% acceptance rate nationally and globally.

cpr-aed-first-aidAre you interested in taking CPR AED Certification as a compliance solution or an enhancement to a wellness program? Our CPR & AED Certification Online is a flexible and affordable option that can be completed in a few hours. It covers all of the elements of the classroom course and also comprises of bookmark features. The features and aspects of our CPR AED Certified Courses are easily accessed online, and also the certification can be accomplished from any device with Internet access.  Hence allows the students to save their place in the course. We offer various methods of learning, including our web study guides, PDF Handbooks, videos, and audio books. You can try it several times for free as you need to pass!

Don’t be fooled by providers that offer online instruction only. Hands-on skills testing are mandatory for full OSHA compliance. Our Online CPR AED Certification Course, its materials, and the things related to it firmly adhere to OSHA guidelines. Our CPR AED Course Online consist of live action video and interactive computer-generated animations. Students that complete the skill test session with an authorized First Aid Instructor will receive the course completion certificate for two years.  Our accessible learning format helps you learn CPR at your own pace, and you will be able to practice the real sequence of using an AED. Our video demonstrations also clearly illustrate the graphics in the most convincing way as well.

CPR certificationYou can also make CPR AED Online Certification as a part of your wellness program. It shows that health and well-being is a priority, and creates your community and workspace as a safer place. Employees also get benefitted from it as they’ll learn the essential skills to respond to the severity of life in everyday medical emergencies. Our CPR AED Certification Online will satisfy the requirements basics of medical emergencies, traumatic injuries, severe bleeding, minor bleeding, spinal injuries, broken bones, sprains, heat-related injuries, cold-related injuries, poisoning and more.

Today, the online system of education has become the most preferred choice among students and mentors. We provide clients a faster, convenient, and cost-effective CPR AED Certification. Our renewal classes are also the most popular and most accepted so far. The easy to understood training software make us the leader in online medical certifications industry. Reputed professional rescuers, health care providers, emergency response teams, doctors, safety personnel, police, ambulance, trainers, lifeguards or anyone that need to add some extra skill to their skill and experiences.

For further information or registration, call us at our number (800)225-1893 today!

Online First Aid Certification: What’s Available, and Which One is Right for You

First Aid Certification is ideal for anyone, and it serves as the prime defense against both minor and major medical issues. Most of our Online First Aid Certification will train you to treat the small and moderate cuts and burns, loss of consciousness. It is useful in case of choking, heat stroke and fainting, bites and stings or sprains or managing the scene of an accident. Our First Aid Certification Classes are meant to keep the patient stable before the arrival of medical professionals at the spot.

We also offer clients several options beyond the traditional First Aid Training. Here’s an overview of the kinds of First Aid Classes available online.

Basic First Aid

The Health and Safety division in the USA provides standard guidelines for what should be included in a basic First Aid Course. Necessary First Aid Certification is ideal for delivering necessary medical assistance to someone who is injured. Our Online First Aid Certification is required for all emergency medical personnel. If you are planning for a career in the medical field, these classes are a must.

online certificationFirst Aid for Infants

Our pediatric First Aid Certification Courses focus on the treatment of illnesses and injuries that happens to kids. Children and infants must be treated carefully which is different than adults. The Online First Aid Certification Class we provide is ideal for anyone that works or lives with infants and young children. It is very much useful for caregivers, teachers, camp counselors and parents as well.

Wilderness First Aid

Wilderness first aid programs help people spending several days of camping in the wilderness. We help them learn the first aid techniques to confront any issue with ease. Our wilderness First Aid Certification is a blended learning course, where students will take part in learning and give the test online. Wilderness first aid courses are generally advanced and designed for the situations where medical help is not nearby.  Our Online First Aid Certification seems to be a true prerequisite in such circumstances.

First Aid for Sports Professionals

The Online First Aid Certification Courses we provide for sports professionals are targeted toward treating athletic injuries. It is ideal for coaches at all levels, and cover treatments such as heat stroke and other sports injuries. We also include the skill of recognizing and treating spine, head, and neck injuries; managing the skin injuries and infections and treat the insensible patients as well.

first aid certificationPet First Aid

Our First Aid Certification is not only meant for people, but it is applicable for pets as well. Our pet first aid classes are becoming more and more popular nowadays for both pet owners and veterinary professionals. We help you learn the life-saving skills that help in saving a precious pets life.  The pet first aid classes will cover treating cuts and burns, snake bites, heat stroke, choking and ingestion of poisonous substances, gastrointestinal issues, and sometimes even CPR for pets as well.

American Safety Training Institute is the leading online First Aid certification and re-certification provider in the USA. All the first aid certification courses they provide are based on the American Heart Association (AHA) guidelines and also follow recommended instructions from recognized organizations such as OSHA and much more. Their Online First Aid Certification Courses give specialized knowledge for people that wish to learn how to recognize and handle an emergency and respond it with confidence. For more information contact American Safety Training Institute at (800)225-1893 today!

The Significance of Online First Aid Certification

Doing first aid can help you save lives and allow you to provide timely care for the injuries and illnesses until the medical help arrives. Therefore, it’s essential to have Online First Aid Certification Training that covers the necessary skills to give the first aid. Medical support at the right time can save lives, but eliminate complications as well as medical costs.

The Main Objective of the First Aid Certification

First Aid Certification offers you a chance to recognize the requirement for care and deliver the necessary help to the person suffering right away. It can help you:

Protect life
Prevent injury
Prevent illness
Eliminate complications
Help from deteriorating patient’s conditions
How does first aid certification help employees?

It’s highly suggested to provide Online First Aid Certification to all employees as it helps reduce injuries while increasing safety in the workstation. Until professional medical aid arrives, most workspaces should make sure that employees receive suitable first aid treatment.

They should train their employees and equip them with the right techniques and tools to deal with any emergencies. First Aid Training offers knowledge and resources to deal with crucial situations calmly.

First Aid Certification
The Significance of First Aid Certification

It’s not enough to have only a first aid kit at the office. Your employees require having sufficient training to make the proper use of the kit. A well-trained professional will know what exactly needs to be done at the right time when an emergency occurs.

First Aid Training helps in reducing occupational hazards as it can allow you to take preventive steps with confidence and speed. Thus, the First Aid Training Course enhances the consciousness about safety among employees. This makes them adept at identifying hazards in the workstation before the occurrence of accidents.

This training course will minimize recovery time while improving productivity. Immediate response to illness or injury eliminates the effect of the damage and helps in quick recovery.

Online First Aid Certification Training gives confidence to employees to handle emergencies and also teaches them CPR strategies to save lives.

Aside from saving lives, First Aid Certification Training helps indirectly to build a better team. As the new skill is learned to save lives, it creates amazing bonding amongst employees. Thus, they start to be cautious about their co-workers’ well-being.

First aid training course doesn’t provide theoretical knowledge, but practical skills that will help you create a safe work environment and a life-saving skill which can be used anywhere.

first aid training

The first aid training course offers a better opportunity to get a life-saving skill through the interactive learning process. You can sign up for an Online First Aid Certification Course to enhance your workspace safety.

Final Thought –

Are you looking for a premier safety training provider with experience to guide your workstation to deal with any emergency with the right resources and knowledge? If yes, you should look no further than the ASTI – American Safety Training Institute. Our Online First Aid Certification Course can get your employees to receive the relevant training by assessing your unique requirements. For more information, please visit our website at

Benefits of BLS Certification Training from American Safety Training Institute

Many incidents occur every day that can result in serious injuries causing problems in breathing correctly. And such incidences require quick action, but it is only possible when people have proper knowledge regarding the Basic Life Support (BLS). Therefore, to make more people aware of BLS, we at American Safety Training Institute provide BLS Certification courses online. Our BLS Certification Training is based on the ILCOR 2015 curricula.

Various reasons make BLS Certification essential and a must to obtain the thing. As we have been delivering a combined experience in the health and safety training industries to your business, organization, or family for over 100 years, we understand the importance of BLS hence we provide BLS certification online. So we have enlisted the benefits of being trained in BLS below. Have a look: BLS certification OnlineConfidence Boost Up –

Confidence is the key when you are into certain professions like the medical profession, especially when it comes to dealing with an emergency situation that requires lifesaving skills like CPR. When you get trained with BLS you will gain a level of confidence to act quickly during emergency situations; it helps in eliminating any kind of hesitation that you may feel. With BLS Certification Training you will feel confident that you are taking the right actions to save a life. Also, you can take control of a situation and give necessary directions to the bystanders.

Prepared All the Time –

BLS training makes you fully prepared all the time. When you have BLS Certification, you get equipped with all the necessary skills to take proper action whenever and wherever required.  Whether you are at home, on vacation, in a shop, or wherever an emergency may arise, with our BLS Certification Online you will be prepared all the time to help people around you in need. Our online training course will prepare you for handling various situations ranging from choking to head injuries to help a person having a stroke.

BLS certification traningBetter Employment Probabilities –

Employment in certain fields requires applicants who have certification as it determines their capability to perform and handle emergency situations. Similarly, when you are seeking employment in the medical field, you need to know to do basic first aid that includes the ability to administer lifesaving techniques like CPR. BLS Certification Online training through the American Safety Training Institute equips you with the skills, which will offer you better employment probabilities.

Our BLS Certification Online training includes training for situations such as adult CPR, child CPR, infant CPR, AED, first aid, blood borne pathogens as well as emergency oxygen. We aim to provide BLS Certification to students with a low-stress educational environment such as at their homes or offices. We stay on top of the latest training developments; therefore, our programs follow current national and international guidelines for CPR/AED and first aid techniques. And after completing our industry-leading, innovative training courses, you will be fully certified for two full years. For more details, you can call us at (800)225-1893 or email us at

The Ways to Fix the CPR Mistakes

It is definitely accurate to say that you are keen on CPR training, however have worries with respect to regardless of whether you’ll realize what to do and how to react on the off chance that you ever happen to go over a crisis circumstance? The Online CPR Training that you have from us at American Safety Training Institute will enable you to know the proper ways of performing a CPR. Continue reading

Benefits To Get From First Aid Certification

Accidents are unpredictable. No one can say that, they won’t face any type of accidents when they are on busy roads or at the industries where they have to work with heavy machines. In order to minimize the loss due to accident, first aid is important. If someone will get first aid in proper time, he may not face grave issues before reaching the hospital. Continue reading

The Importance of AED Training at Your Workplace

In the event that you work a standard 40 hour a week, you likely spend a greater amount of your waking hours at your work environment than you do at home. Your activity gives you an approach to accommodate your family, and you grow cozy associations with your colleagues and clients after some time. At American Safety Training Institute, we are focused on enabling customers and diminishing preventable fatalities offering best of AED training. That is one reason why we accept automated exterior defibrillators, or AEDs, ought to be available in however many work environments as would be prudent. Continue reading

Advantages of Having Online CPR Training

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is a lifesaving strategy utilized to prolong the lives of patients whose hearts all of a sudden quit pulsating due to either heart attack or heart failure. For this situation, they are as of now clinically dead and are just minutes and hours from biological demise. Continue reading

The CPR Certification Online That You Can Expect From Us

Being prepared to step in and save another person’s life in the happening of an emergency can be an empowering feeling. With CPR Certification Online courses that you can have from us at American Safety Training Institute, will make you prepared for such occasion. Continue reading