What Are the Potential Advantages of Joining Online AED Training Programs?

Cardiac arrests can happen to anyone at anywhere and at anytime. Most of the time, they occur inside the home and outside the home as well. If passersby don’t have lifesaving skill like AED training to respond fast in such a medical emergency, then death might happen eventually. If any passersby acts fast and gives CPR treatment, the patient’s life survival scope may get better. Joining CPR and AED training programs will allow you to respond faster in the case of an unanticipated cardiac arrest. And saving the life of the person gets easier with this training who may be a colleague, stranger or even a family member.

CPR & AED training involves two separate life safety training programs required to react in life threatening conditions. CPR includes chest compressions and rescue breathing to help a victim survive until medical aid reaches. The AED training ensures knowledge and skill of using automated external defibrillator: This medical device can help restore the normal heartbeat of a patient by sending an electric shock through his or her body. If ever any patient’s heartbeat stops, seconds without AED can turn out to be dangerous for his or her life. However, CPR or AED training skill can be put on use within 3-5 minutes of the patient’s collapse time to bring him or her back to life. Emergency professionals won’t be able to come to the patient’s rescue within such little time, which makes it mandatory for you to join AED training and get trained properly to start saving lives.

CPR & First Aid Training Course

To keep yourself ready for any cardiac emergency, you should have CPR and AED training. It is the CPR Certification which makes you ready to help every cardiac patient in a disaster situation. Online AED training is also offered, and these programs are OSHA and ECC compliant and designed in line with international standards to let you face life-threatening situations with speed and confidence. With the techniques and procedures of these online courses, you can surely help infant, child, adult and elderly cardiac patients with promptness. Their contents will be available online 24/7 and can be taken at flexible schedules to fit your needs. From watching the AED training materials and pausing to skipping them at your own convenience, you can be sure of having a great learning experience with everything you desire for. You may proceed through the training course in a few hours, or you may complete it in as much time as you want. There is no specific deadline for AED training course completion, providing you much flexibility for completing the assignments.

Using a device like AED may feel scary and even complicated. Though very effective in saving life of cardiac patients but you won’t find them hard to operate. Online AED training will help you learn all the skills required for operating an AED in the form of digital contents. After going though these interactive contents, you will be in a position to respond better and faster to any medical emergency related to cardiac sufferers.

group safety training

Potential Advantages of AED Training Online

Learning life saving skill at your own convenience

Interactive digital content fitting those with non-medical background

Affordable price structure

24/7 AED training assistance

Basic courseware designed to international standards and guidelines

If you are interested in life safety training but struggling with a hectic work schedule, cash crunch or heavy community responsibilities, joining AED training and getting certified can be very simple and easy for you. You can consider on-site or online AED training of the American Safety Training Institute which is approved all across North. This course can be started and completed with online registration and a price as less as $19.95.

Contact at (800)225-1893 to sign up AED training of ASTI with your association, work group or family and save money in discounts.

Are Men More Vulnerable To Sudden Cardiac Arrest Than Women? Know How CPR Can Help

A new research made by the publication of the AHA (American Heart Association) indicates that men are more vulnerable to sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) in comparison to women. The research revealed that men at the age of 45 encounter a 10.9% lifetime risk of Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

According to AHA, sudden cardiac arrest depicts the main cause of death in the US. It also claims approximately 450,000 American lives each year. However, those who’re ready to help SCA victims can certainly decrease the number of deaths caused by SCA annually.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest

The America Heart Association says Sudden Cardiac Arrest happens if all the cardiac activities stop functioning altogether. Apart from that, there are several causes of SCA, encompassing:

  • Drug overdose
  • Asphyxia
  • Submersion
  • Trauma
  • Severe blood loss

Sudden Cardiac Arrest remains a continuous issue in the US due to lack of bystander training as well. To better comprehend this problem, let’s take into account the following statistics provided by the American Heart Association:

  • EMS (Emergency medical services) personnel reported roughly 326,000 OHCA (out of hospital cardiac arrest) occurrences in 2014.
  • About 70% of OHCA occurrences happen at a home.
  • Passerby serves as witnesses in approximately 40% of all Sudden Cardiac Arrest incidents.

CPR first aid certification

The American Heart Association also points out that nearly 90% of those experience OHCA passes away. But with CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) training at your disposal, you will be better prepared to support the victims of SCA at any time and any location.

Key advantages of getting CPR first aid certification:

According to the AHA, only about 46% of OHCA victims get instant attention prior to proper medical help arrive on the site. Luckily, those who learn the ins & outs of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation can deliver life-saving support to the victims of SCA and decrease the ratio of death.

Eventually, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation could turn out to be the difference between life & death for a Sudden Cardiac Arrest victim. If you comprehend how to offer CPR correctly, you can offer full support to the victim until advanced medical help becomes accessible.

The AHA also points out that CPR that’s executed in the initial few minutes of SCA could double and even triple the possibility of survival. Hence, learning how to do CPR properly could make a world of difference, especially for an SCA victim.

Want to become CPR certified without sacrificing your valuable time? At American Safety Training Institute, we offer extensive CPR first aid certification courses online that are designed exclusively to meet your CPR goals. For any type of assistance, do reach us at (800)225-1893.


What you should know About a CPR Certification Course and Its Importance?

The first question that will pop out in your mind is that- who needs a CPR certification and what it the importance. Thank for your information! Getting a CPR certification can help you in making a difference as an individual in your home, workplace and public place.

1. CPR is known as Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

2. This an emergency procedure and life-saving skill that helps in restoring the spontaneous blood circulation and breathing in a victim

3. If you find no pulse, heartbeat, and response of the victim, then start CPR immediately

4. When you see a victim collapsing, then make sure to call 911 (emergency no. in the USA) first and then proceed with CPR

Who needs a CPR certification?

There are certain people who need to be certified with a CPR certification, such as doctors, nurses, licensed physical therapists, chiropractors, dentists and many other health professionals. Apart from that, any individual and job holder like child care workers, teachers, camp counselors, lifeguards, other health workers and parents can also gain a CPR certification course. It is always advisable to have CPR certification, which will help you to become a responsible individual who will be always prepared to handle an emergency situation.

Online CPR Certification

What is the importance of CPR?

1. At Home:

If your loved one at home is a victim, then in this emergency situation, you can deliver the best assistance without wasting any time. According to the AHA or American Heart Association, around 88 percent of cardiac arrests occur at home. It is also true that cardiac arrests can happen to anyone at any age. In this case, the chance of survival will be high if the CPR is given immediately.

2. At Public Place:

Being a CPR certified individual, you can prove to be a responsible bystander who can perform CPR on a victim at the right time. Every minute counts when a victim needs CPR. When the oxygen supply is suddenly cut off from the brain due to a stroke, then a right CPR technique will increase the chances of survival for the victim. A formal CPR training allows an individual to deliver the right help and assistance in an emergency situation that can save a life.

3. At Work Place:

The best thing about a CPR certification is that it proves to be an added advantage in your resume and enhances your career prospects. It is true that every employer will be happy to have a responsible employee.

BLS certification Online

Other than heart attacks a CPR certification proves to be useful for many other emergency situations like someone who is choking, suffocating, drowning or experiencing a drug overdose. If you want to make a difference, then consider enrolling in a CPR certification course from ASTI or American Safety Training Institute. We offer on-site, blended and online CPR certification courses and many other safety training courses that are recognized and accepted throughout the North America.

To know more about the CPR certification, please browse through this URL: https://www.americansti.org/courses.php today!

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Top Benefits of Getting a Formal First Aid Training or Certification

Accidents can happen anywhere, such as a workplace, home, school or street, in this case as a responsible individual you need to be aware about the techniques that can be used to save lives. By knowing about the basic first aid training skills, you will be able to help someone in case of emergency. It is believed that an initial first aid when performed at the right time for a seriously injured victim, then it can save a valuable life. This makes it important important to consider or go for a formal first aid training or certification.

lease have a look at some of the strongest reasons that will inspire you to get a formal first aid training or certification:

First Aid Certification

1. Be Prepared as a Parent:

As a parent, you have the most difficult, important and rewarding jobs in the entire world. Every responsible and dutiful parent’s first priority is to keep their little one safe and secured. This makes it important for every parent to be always prepared to handle or deal any kind of emergency situation. In this case getting a formal first aid course or training will help you in skillful and timely handling various situations. To be a responsible parent and assure your child’s safety, it is always good to consider a formal first aid training or certification.

2. Feel Empowered with the Right Skills:

A formalized first aid training will prove to be an incredible confidence booster, as it gives you the potential of saving someone’s life. Having the knowledge of valuable life saving first aid skill, you can make a difference in your workplace, home or public place.

Emergency Situation EMS

3. Be a Valuable Employee:

If you are looking out for job opportunities, then getting a formal first aid training or certification will prove to be the best choice. You will be surprised to know that first aid training is not only for nurses, doctors or paramedics, but also for other professionals. These days a formal first aid training or certification has become an impressive feature of a strong resume, which makes the candidate valuable. Whether you are a lifeguard, childcare provider, teacher, personal trainer, hospitality staff or any other professional, getting a first aid training or certification from an authorized source will prove to be a real advantage in today’s competitive job market.

Whether you are on a tight budget, extremely busy with full-time jobs or community commitments, now getting first aid training or certification is quite easy and convenient. You can rely on the American Safety Training Institute that offers first aid certification or training course (recognized and accepted throughout North America) in three effective ways like online, on-site and blended. Our course is designed by highly experienced and professional healthcare professionals that follows the most up-to-date guidelines.

For your betterment and knowledge, you can consider our combined CPR and first aid certification course. To get more information about our online & blended safety training programs like AED, CPR or first aid training, please browse through this link: https://www.americansti.org/courses.php!

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Top 3 Reasons To Take BLS Certification Online

Introducing BLS:

Events like serious injury, cardiac arrest leading to an individual to an unconscious state are quite common. These unforeseen circumstances need quick action by surrounding people who are able and have knowledge to provide medical assistance right away. Though there’s wide availability safety training classes like CPR AED certification etc., BLS (Basic Life Support) is the most important one. It provides individuals with the basic skills needed to administer certain medical assistance. Being certified in this course is one of the most important aspects you can consider when it comes to being able to provide help like sustaining or resuscitating someone who’s unconscious. Here’s all about BLS and the importance of taking BLS certification training online:

When Basic Life Support Is Required:

  • When the individual is in unconscious state.

  • When the individual is unable to breathe.

  • Abnormal pulse rate.

BLS certification Online

Top Reasons To Consider Taking BLS Courses Online

1. It Can Give You The Confidence Of Being Prepared:

Having BLS certification online can be a great advantage for you and your family. It will make you well-prepared for any life threatening situation requiring Basic Life Support. If you’ve knowledge of BLS, you’ll know when and how to take immediate action no matter when or where the event occurs. The skill you need from BLS certification training will help you be prepared for your family or colleagues or anywhere else. This means, you’ll be ready to provide immediate medical assistance at home, in the grocery store or on vacation.

2. Processes Like Chest Compressions Need Training:

Offering CPR can seem simple; but it needs proper skill. If performed perfectly, it can restore normal heart rate successfully. On the other hand, if it’s done in a wrong way, it may result in further injury to the affected individual. Therefore, the process shouldn’t be taken lightly as it keeps the individual at risk or even worse. This is why right BLS training is needed for any individual who intends to save lives at work or home or anywhere else.

Proper Chest Compression

3. It Will Keep You Familiar With Emergency Tools:

Most health organizations or institutions provide hands-on BLS certification training. It can be a great advantage for individuals as the participants will be prepared for real emergency situations, by letting them to familiarize with any emergency equipment that’s going to be used.


The Basic Life Support certification course can help you sustain, revive or resuscitate an individual who’s in cardiac arrest or suffering from any kind of respiratory failure. It’s a common first aid measure performed to maintain the airways, breathing and circulation without any auxiliary equipment. The above pointers emphasizes why everyone should consider taking BLS courses. Hence, taking BLS certification at ASTI (American Safety Training Institute) can help you be prepared for any kind of immediate life threatening situation like cardiac arrest. For more information about our BLS, CPR AED certification courses, please browse through our website today and be sure of receiving the best training at your convenience!

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Professions That Need CPR Certification as Compulsory

The capability to do CPR is an acquisition that adds unmeasurable value to all areas of one’s life, both personal & professional. It not just enhance your confidence to supply instant care during an emergency, it also enhance the self-confidence of those around you. When you get and maintain CPR certification, it also improves your goodness as a worker in certain industries & for certain jobs. In fact, there are certain jobs that need CPR certification either as an obligation or as a condition that should be met after one has been recruited.

Medical Careers:

The medical industry is one of the main industries where you’ll get jobs that need CPR certification. Doctors, medical assistants, paramedics and nurses are all in positions that need them to act anytime an emergency arises. While physicians & nurses offer full-on care, they also need to execute CPR if the situation arise. The responsibility of health-care assistant is often restricted to particular tasks provided by the doctor, but they may require to perform CPR during emergencies.

 Best medical careers for the future

Law Enforcement:

Police officers often get in touch with the public in different volatile situations. Throughout these situations, anybody from suspects to pedestrians may abruptly have difficulty in breathing, or experience a heart attack, for instance. Law-enforcement officers should be certified & capable of administering the essential first-aid care.

 Law Enforcement

Child Care Providers:

Children in day-care centers can end up in emergency situations that happens from falling into pools, chocking on objects, getting in touch with things that can cut or burn them. Child-care suppliers should be ready to perform CPR or first-aid as required, and for this some states need child-care workers to have CPR AED certification.

 Child Care Providers


A lifeguard also need to have CPR certification. One main responsibility of a lifeguard is help drowning people at pools & beaches. If someone starts to drown, a lifeguard’s responsibility is to pull them back from the water administer CPR if required.



While considering a job like firefighter, you’ll wish to opt for CPR classes to get your certification. Firefighters are usually first responders in several emergency circumstances, varying from car accidents to fire hazards. They should be CPR certified to react to health-care emergencies that takes place as a consequence of the trauma related with these circumstances. Often, firefighters and their capability to perform CPR can be the difference between life & death.

Under Funded Firefighters

Are you looking to acquire CPR certification right from the comfort of your home? Contact American Safety Training Institute now. For any inquiry, email us at info@americansti.org!

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Top 4 Best Reasons To Consider Online CPR First Aid Certification

Injuries, illnesses and traumas are quite common in the day today life of humans. In general, injuries come suddenly and can happen to you or the people you love or those who are around us. Hence, it’s necessary to know some basics to handle such emergency situations in order to let them become worse or till the medical professional reaches the spot.

Utilizing first aid techniques are necessary for the victims of accidents, mishaps and occurrences during school and office hours. Hence, you should know the basic rules and regulations of administering first aid and also CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation). This knowledge can be gained through taking online CPR first aid certification training.

Discussed below are a few common reasons why CPR first aid training is so important:


The first and foremost reason behind taking first aid certification training is prevention. After all, it’s always better to be safe than to be sorry. Knowledge of first aid techniques will improve a great sense of safety and well-being of victims, encouraging them to be more cautious and safe in the atmosphere they dwell in. Therefore, first aid courses can keep you more safe and secure, minimizing the number of accidents and causalities.

Save Lives:

If you are trained enough to provide first aid treatment, it’s obvious that actions can be taken immediately and also lives can be saved. While it’s common to rush to the injured person, a certified person can be more reliable and confident and in control of himself and his actions while in trauma situations.

Train to Save Someone’s Life

Prevent The Situation Becoming Bad To Worse:

Moreover, a trained individual who’ve taken CPR first aid certification training online, know how to avoid the emergency situation becoming bad to worse. You will surely provide immediate treatment that are included in first aid like CPR to keep away the victim’s condition from deteriorating till professional help arrives.

More Secure Surrounding:

Understanding that you can save your own life whenever necessary or that the people you know or those in trauma during emergency situations will ensure more relaxation as well as feel more secure. Moreover, the great sense of security can give rise to a healthy and a more confident environment around you where you and your surrounding people will feel more secure.

CPR & First Aid Training Course

Final Thought:

Knowledge of first aid techniques ensures a healthy, much safe and secure environment and improves confidence among people, their families, colleagues and associates. Taking CPR first aid certification is useful in dealing with emergency circumstances. Not just the immediate assistance you will provide, but the confidence you will able to exhibit is very helpful during emergencies. At the end, it’s clear that being certified in CPR and first aid can become a useful aid to ensure safety of oneself and society.

Are you seeking for online first aid certification training to handle emergency situations right away? ASTI offers quality CPR first aid training classes at reasonable costs. To become certified to provide first aid and CPR, you should enroll into online classes available for CPR first aid certification on ASTI and let yourself and your surrounding be safe and secure during emergencies.

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Automatic External Defibrillator – Top 3 Things To Know About

Online CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) training are necessary, especially for those who want to help someone suffering from sudden cardiac arrest. However, each and every minute of sudden cardiac arrest deducts a 10% in survival rate, according to a survey. However, taking online AED training and using the device to perform CPR on a person suffering sudden cardiac arrest may save the life of the individual.

But a question arises, what does it take to use an AED to conduct CPR? Here are a few important things you should know about CPR and AED training:

1. AED training Motivates Individuals To Respond During An Emergency Situation:

Sudden cardiac arrest causes an abrupt loss of the heart function of an individual. In case, if it’s left untreated, it can quickly lead to death of that particular individual. Fortunately, taking online AED training can empower individuals to fight against sudden cardiac arrest immediately. This training includes the use of a device providing an electric shock through the victim’s chest to his or her heart; which can surely stop the irregular function and heart and allow a normal rhythm to start.

Apart from this, AEDs are lightweight and portable devices; which are used by both medical professionals and trained individuals for immediate emergency purposes. They can provide CPR promptly and as a result of which they can save lives also.

Online CPR AED Training

2. Well-trained Individuals Can Use The AED Properly:

AEDs are safe devices; which can be used by flight attendants, security guards, firefighters, police and others. Furthermore, AEDs are available to be used by all qualified individuals and bystanders; that means professionals and everyday individuals taking online AED training can easily and efficient use this device at the time of emergency.

3. AED Training Is Readily Available Online:

AEDs are generally placed in public areas where exactly a wide array of people gather day after day. In addition to, the location of AED is clearly marked; which can provide quick and easy access to trained individuals.

Even though, the AED signs are easy to find; how can you use them? Online AED training classes are readily available, ensuring you can get to learn several life saving techniques and strategies without delays in the comfort of your home.

Online AED Training


ASTI provides professional, affordable and convenient AED certification programs online so that you can learn the basics of AED device at your convenience. Hence, it’s highly recommended that you should take online AED training on ASTI and get certified today.

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How Online CPR First Aid Traing Is As Valuable As In-Person

If you are thinking about a career in physical therapy, medicine, childcare or an identical field, officially learning CPR and acquiring your official certification is a very smart idea. With more than 360, 000 cardiac arrest taking place in the US alone every year, it is important that health-care experts should be able to do this lifesaving process professionally. CPR training gives you the capability to probably save a life-it doesn’t matter whether you’re on or off duty.

Nevertheless, today people have their share of choices accessible when it comes to acquire CPR first aid certification. While there’re so many physical classes, one cal also acquire his or her formal certification online. For your knowledge online CPR training is just as helpful as physical classes.

Let’s find out what are some of the major advantages of getting CPR first aid certification online:

CPR first aid certification Cards

It is pretty convenient:

If you are like a majority of the people, the word”busy” describes your schedule, then online CPR training is for you. You may handle family responsibilities alongside one or two jobs. You may hardly get any time from your busy profession. Whatever busy schedule you are maintaining, online CPR can fit into your timing since the courses are considerably short-lasting between 30-90 minutes. Plus, you don’t need to go for training at any particular time. All you need to do is enroll with a course, finish it at your spare time, and qualify a simple exam. You will get the training whenever you’ve the time to undergo it.

It is more than affordable:

Basic CPR courses are reasonably priced to fit into even you’re tight in budget. In addition, you don’t need to worry regarding disbursing for extra bus or gas fare to transport to a brick & mortar institute and back home.

Several testing attempts are also free when you are giving a CPR exam online. If you are taking more than one courses or want to register multiple individuals, you’ll most likely be entitled for a group rate.

Training Program to Save Someones Life

It is varied:

Prior to you start discovering your alternatives, it is tantalizing to think that a CPR program is a CPR program. There’re, certainly basic CPR courses accessible online. Nonetheless, several training suppliers also provide first-aid certification, special-classes for educating how to do CPR on infants or kids, and also adults.

That said, one can also consider enrolling for a program that’ll allow him or her to become accredited in basic first-aid or acquiring training associated to blood-borne pathogens, infection control beside learning CPR. Take into account anything that will make you more valued to a present or potential employer.

To acquire CPR first aid certification online Contact American Safety Training Institute that deliver more than hundred years of combined experience in the health & safety training industry.

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Four Reasons Learning CPR Is More Than Essential

CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) is such a crucial discipline in the health care sector that everybody must be familiarized with. Not just professionals in the health-care industry, but even a common man must know how to execute the techniques of CPR on a sufferer of cardiac arrest. Accidents can take place anywhere without any prior notice. In this post we will discuss about why you should learn CPR even though you don’t belongs to the medical profession.

A majority of cardiac arrests take place in the home:

A survey shows that about 88 percent of cardiac arrest will take place in a person’s house. Whether you reside in a remote rural region or in a busy city, sometimes it takes much longer than anticipated for emergency staff to reach their. From a statistical point of view, the life one save while giving someone CPR is most likely to be their loved one.

Learning CPR is much easier:

Opposite to what a great number of people think, an individual doesn’t need to perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to implement CPR techniques. Hands-only CPR can be done, and this practice is considerably simple to learn. Since 2008, the AHA (American Heart Association) has been referring hands-only CPR. These days so many Online CPR certification classes available over the internet that you can join to learn CPR techniques without hindering your regular work.

Children sometimes require CPR:

You must have seen adult people needing CPR because of cardiac arrest. But you possibly don’t know that infants needs it more often due to respiratory issues that can guide to heart attack. Suffocation, chocking and other respiratory issues can attack more easily to infants.

Many situations demand CPR except cardiac arrest:

Cardiac arrest is not the only time when you require CPR. Allergic reactions, prescription drug overdoses, strokes and choking are the other cases where knowing CPR can come to rescue and save an individual’s life.

Ensure your CPR training covers the whole thing you require. It doesn’t matter where you get your CPR training, don’t be frightened to employ the knowledge you have acquired when the situation demands. Be the reason to bring the smile back in someone’s life.

Training Program to Save Someone’s Life

Get online CPR certification by enrolling yourself at American Safety Training Institute (ASTI). Our courses are ECA and OSHA compliant and fulfill the international guidelines for CPR. For further assistance feel free to reach us at (800) 225-1893. Or follow us on: Facebook, Twitter.